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Wrap-wrapped Machine Encountered Problems

- Nov 08, 2018 -

Some problems in the baler action:

1. Regardless of the state of the machine, if the machine needs to run immediately, just press the control panel button 5; if you need to re-open, press the arrow in the direction of the arrow to return to the original state.

2. The reason why the package process is not in place may be:

a. The lever tension spring is too strong or too small: adjust the roller pressure appropriately;

b. The position of the ejector pin is too high: in the case of non-retraction, a gap of 0.3 m should be maintained between the ram and the lever. If the adjustment is improper, the ejector pin is always on the lever, and the top force is large, which may cause the belt to be out of position;

c. The amount of storage belt is small: there is not enough belt in the storage compartment;

d. Leading splitting: If the head is split and the running is not smooth in the belt, the belt will not be in place. The reason for the splitting is that the tightening force is too large;

e. The press belt plate is too low: the press belt plate is provided for the convenience of wearing the belt. However, if it is adjusted too low and the gap with the bottom of the pendulum is too small, which will affect the free advance and retreat of the belt, the feeding belt will not be in place. At this time, the press belt plate is appropriately raised.