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  • Steel Coil Wrapping Machine
    Steel Coil Wrapping Machine
    Jinglin provides a series of packing machines uniquely designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology. The machines offers various controls for wrapping the stretch film and paper roll at designed wrapping tension and for different wrap...
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  • Steel Wire Wrapping Machine
    Steel Wire Wrapping Machine
    The steel wire wrapping machine is particularly designed for packing different specifications of steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, binding wire,etc to make the wrapped wire coils well-protected from the influence of dust,...
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  • Pipe Coil Packing Machine
    Pipe Coil Packing Machine
    The pipe coil packing machine is designed with the most advanced technology,it can be widely used for packing all kinds of plastic coils, wire coils, cable coils, tires and other ring type objects. It can effectively protect your products and play a role...
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  • Steel Pipe Wrapping Machine
    Steel Pipe Wrapping Machine
    The horizontal steel pipe wrapping machine is specialized for wrapping horizontal shapes of steel pipes, plastic pipes, copper tubes, profiles, bars, panels, and other horizontal objects. the wrapped package is well-protected & sealed & looks more tidy.
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  • Automatic Door Packing Machine
    Automatic Door Packing Machine
    The automatic door packing machine is used for automatically door/panels packing. This machine mainly composed of the infeeding and outfeeding conveyors, security fencing, automatic line electrical control box, etc. The whole machine is fully automatic...
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  • FZ-03 Coil Tilter
    FZ-03 Coil Tilter
    Jinglin is able to offer you a complete choice of tilters which include mechanical coil tilters and hydraulic coil tilters for tilting steel coils from eye vertical position to horizontal position or vice versa.
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  • Steel Coil Packing Machine
    Steel Coil Packing Machine
    The steel coil packing machine is widely used in industries of steel coils, copper coils, aluminum coils, steel wire coils, copper wire coils, cable coils and other coiled objects, the ring-shaped products of tubes, cables,pipes, wires, tires are securely...
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  • Automatic Steel Coil Wrapping Machine
    Automatic Steel Coil Wrapping Machine
    The GD type automatic steel coil wrapping machine is designed by JLPACK for automatically packing a wide range of coiled objects including steel coils, bronze coils, wire coils, pipe coils, bearings, tires & etc. The packed coil looks neat and beautiful...
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  • Automatic Steel Coil Packing Machine
    Automatic Steel Coil Packing Machine
    With 20 years experience in packing machine, Jlpack developed this automatic steel coil packing machine suit for wrapping needs of various circular articles such as steel coils, copper coil, wire coils, pipe coils, bearings, tyres & etc. The object is tidy...
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  • Steel Strip Packing Machine
    Steel Strip Packing Machine
    The steel strip packing machine is suitable for packing steel strip coils which are in a horizontal status (eye vertical). It can be widely used in metallurgical industries including steel strips, copper strips, wire coils,etc to make the object well...
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  • Steel Strip Wrapping Machine
    Steel Strip Wrapping Machine
    The steel strip wrapping machine is custom designed by Jinglin for metallurgic and plastic industries which can be widely applicable for wrapping copper strip coils, steel coils, wire coils, pipe coils,etc. The packed coils are nice and tidy for marketing...
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  • Slit Coil Packing Machine
    Slit Coil Packing Machine
    The slit coil packing machine can not only be used for wrapping slit coils, but also widely applied for other coiled objects of steel coils, copper coils, aluminum coils, copper wire coils, steel wire coils, cable coils and other coiled objects, to make...
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