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Automatic Packing Line

  • Automatic Vertical Coil Packing Line
    Automatic Vertical Coil Packing Line
    We designed the automatic vertical coil packing line based on needs of modern metallurgy industry for high efficient and high intelligent packing of there products, it’s widely applicable for different dimensions of steel strip coils, copper coils,...
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  • Automatic Horizontal Coil Wrapping Line
    Automatic Horizontal Coil Wrapping Line
    The automatic horizontal coil packing line is specially designed by Shanghai Jinglin to meet the highly automation requirements for packing slit steel coils/copper coils/aluminium coils&etc, the functions include coil separating, tilting, packing,...
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  • Steel Pipe Packing Line
    Steel Pipe Packing Line
    This automatic steel pipe packing line is specially designed for automatic bundling, stacking, conveying,weighing and storage of the steel tubes. It’s widely applicable for hexagonal/Square bundling of square or round pipes.
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  • Plastic Pipe Bundling Machine
    Plastic Pipe Bundling Machine
    This plastic pipe bundling machine is an automatic packing line for plastic pipe industries, the functions include pipe counting, feeding, storage, aligning, bundling, strapping, conveying, ejection system and etc. It can be connected to the pipe extruders...
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  • Plastic Pipe Bagging Machine
    Plastic Pipe Bagging Machine
    The plastic pipe bagging machine is used to feed the bundle of pipes into a plastic bag to make it well sealed. It can be integrated with the pipe bundling machine to be an automatic packing line. The machinery system is composed of feeding system,plastic...
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  • Automatic Pipe Packing Machine
    Automatic Pipe Packing Machine
    This automatic plastic pipe packing line is an fully automatic solution specially designed for modern plastic pipe manufacturers to meet the high automation needs of pipe packing. The machinery mainly include pipe counting and bundling system, pipe bundle...
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  • Aluminum Profile Packing Line
    Aluminum Profile Packing Line
    These are the weighing platforms used for capturing the weight of extrusion rack before feeding them into the packing line. Platform will have rectangular structure fabricated with standard channels and have machined plates in order to mount the load...
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  • Aluminum Profile Wrapping Line
    Aluminum Profile Wrapping Line
    These are positioned under the skip unloading positions and are designed to automatically maintain the height of the top layer of profiles being lifted out of or into a skip. Standard lifting capacity is 400 kg per unit. It includes photocells, electrical...
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  • Master Coil Wrapping Machine
    Master Coil Wrapping Machine
    This master coil wrapping machine is specially designed for automatic packaging of jumbo coils including steel coils, aluminium coils, copper coils, strand wire coils,etc. to make the package waterproof, rustproof, dustproof, well protected and decorated.
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  • Master Coil Packing Machine
    Master Coil Packing Machine
    This automatic master coil packing machine adopts vertical packing position. It’s designed for high performance through-the-eye wrapping of jumbo coils for the metals and non-ferrous wire industries.
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