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Horizontal Packing Machine

  • Steel Pipe Wrapping Machine
    Steel Pipe Wrapping Machine
    The horizontal steel pipe wrapping machine is specialized for wrapping horizontal shapes of steel pipes, plastic pipes, copper tubes, profiles, bars, panels, and other horizontal objects. the wrapped package is well-protected & sealed & looks more tidy.
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  • Automatic Door Packing Machine
    Automatic Door Packing Machine
    The automatic door packing machine is used for automatically door/panels packing. This machine mainly composed of the infeeding and outfeeding conveyors, security fencing, automatic line electrical control box, etc. The whole machine is fully automatic...
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  • PVC Pipe Wrapping Machine
    PVC Pipe Wrapping Machine
    The PVC pipe wrapping machine is designed for outside wrapping of various plastic pipes including PVC pipe, PPR pipe, PE pipe, UPVC pipe and other horizontal objects. The packing machine is able to protect the pipes from damage during handling,...
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  • Steel Pipe Packing Machine
    Steel Pipe Packing Machine
    The steel pipe packing machine is specially developed for stretch wrapping of different steel pipe or pipe bundles within a certain specification by material of woven plastic or stretch film. The wrapped bundle is well protected from the outside influence...
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  • Tube Wrapping Machine
    Tube Wrapping Machine
    The tube wrapping machine is applied for wrapping the single pipe or a combined tube package or other horizontal objects to make it fine protected and sealed from affects of water, dust, rust and crashes, and the package looks more tidy and clean.
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  • Tube Packing Machine
    Tube Packing Machine
    The tube packing machine is widely used for wrapping steel tube, plastic tube, welding tube, seamless pipe, steel pipe, copper tube, aluminum tube, aluminum profile, bars, sheets and other long-shaped products in single or in bundle. The tube can be round,...
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  • Orbital Wrapping Machine
    Orbital Wrapping Machine
    The orbital wrapping machine is a rotating ring machine for spiral wrapping elongated or any horizontal products especially for pipes, profiles, bars, panels,and etc.The stretch wrapper is able to protect the products from damage during handling,...
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  • Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine
    Orbital Stretch Wrapping Machine
    Jinglin offers a various automatic solutions of orbital type stretch wrapping machine that accommodates to different long loads. The GG series orbital wrapping machine is engineered to wrap pipes, moldings, aluminum profiles, tubes, bars, panels, and many...
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  • Profile Packing Machine
    Profile Packing Machine
    The profile packing machine can be widely applied in the exterior wrapping of different sized aluminium profiles, wooden profiles and other types of horizontal profiles, to meet the high packing efficient requirements of profile manufacturers. The wrapped...
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  • Aluminium Profile Wrapping Machine
    Aluminium Profile Wrapping Machine
    The aluminum profile wrapping machine developed by Shanghai Jinglin for stretch wrapping of various kinds of profiles and any long-shaped products. It is a kind of machine which can make the profile as beautiful and tidier as possible; what’s more, it...
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  • Aluminium Profile Packing Machine
    Aluminium Profile Packing Machine
    The aluminum profile packing machine is engineered to wrapping the aluminium profiles automatically by stretch film, plastic knit tape or other compound materials needed, the object can be a single profile or profile bundle.
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  • Copper Bar Wrapping Machine
    Copper Bar Wrapping Machine
    This copper bar wrapping machine specialized for long and straight products, such as copper bar, steel bars,plastic pipes, profiles, sheets, board, etc. The wrapped package is well decorated, protected and well for storage and transport. The machine can be...
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