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Provisions On Storage And Packaging Of Steel Pipes

- Nov 08, 2018 -

Steel pipes shall not be stacked directly on the ground, steel plates or concrete floors. The distance between the first layer of steel pipes and the ground shall not be less than 0.20 m. In order to avoid moisture, dust and pollution of steel pipes, steel pipes (or bundles of pipes) shall not be placed in dusty or humid places. Both ends of steel pipes must be bundled with plastic paper or packaging bags to prevent dust from entering.

The racks or hoes should be neatly arranged with a clear marking number. The steel pipe shall be placed in the specified rack or position according to the furnace number (batch number), variety, specifications and materials. Steel pipes of the same size (or similar) and different material shapes and different furnace numbers are not allowed to be stored in the same rack or position.

In order to prevent bending of the steel pipe or damage to the pipe surface, the steel pipe (or bundle of pipes) shall be placed on the sleepers with appropriate spacing and at the same level to ensure that one end of the steel pipe is aligned. For annealed copper tubes, aluminum tubes and similar hoses, isolation pillows should be placed between the layers. At least two layers should be placed on each layer. The sleepers should be placed vertically and aligned vertically to ensure straightness and alignment. If the steel pipe is stacked in the code layer (including the code side) without the rack, the wooden wedge should be placed properly or other methods should be used to prevent the rolling of the steel pipe.

Steel pipes that have been cold rolled, cold drawn or bright annealed are not allowed to be stored in the open air. If it is restricted by the stock conditions, appropriate protective measures should be taken when it is necessary to store in the open air to avoid corrosion of the medium such as rain, snow, fog and a large amount of dust contaminating the steel pipe.