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Semi-automatic Baler Maintenance

- Nov 08, 2018 -

The automatic feeding belt of the baler is the most obvious one in the failure of the baler. According to the experience of the semi-automatic baler for long-term maintenance, some related experiences are summed up with the peers:

Trouble phenomenon: The baler is normally turned on, and the tape is automatically sent after the package is finished, and it is an unlimited delivery belt.

Solution: Check if the machine is working properly except for the automatic tape feeding. If other components are not faulty, it is likely that there is a problem with the stopper. The limiter, on the front of the baler, has a total of four buttons on the operation panel, from left to right, the power switch, the limiter, the reset button, and the feed button. The baler limiter is a rotary button with a scale around it, which is used to control the length of the automatic feeding after the package is completed. If there is more than a belt, and there is no problem in the automatic Song Dynasty, most of them are caused by the failure of the stopper. The debugging method, the limiter is rotated to the minimum scale, and then fine-tuned, the machine can be normally sent in a range. If the belt is normal within a certain interval, it can be sure that the stopper is faulty. The next step is to replace the limiter:

1. Use a small screwdriver to remove the small screws that are attached to the black knob and remove the black knob.

2. Unscrew the set screw and pull the stopper off from the inside. It can be seen that the limiter has three outlet positions, two of which are connected to the computer board and the other is open.

3. Remember the wire sequence (line 2 is connected to the middle line, line 4 is connected [front view] left line position.) Remove the stopper with a soldering iron. Then replace the new limiter.

4. Reinstall the stopper once.