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Separate Steel Belt Baler Troubleshooting Method

- Nov 08, 2018 -

Due to the wear of the parts in the work, the screw loosening the source pressure causes the machine to malfunction, so it should be removed in time to make the machine work normally and smoothly. The causes of the failure are as follows:

1. In the air motor and cylinder body and all transmission and rotating parts, an appropriate amount of lubricating oil must be injected before each shift. In addition, the 22# gas wheel oil should be filled regularly and quantitatively in the oiler to keep it fixed. The amount of oil supplied, when the air motor is working, the oil dropped from the oiler is 40-60 drops/min;

2. When the compressed air does not conform to 0.4-0.6Mpa, it must be adjusted. Otherwise, too low pressure will affect the quality of the strapping. Excessive pressure will cause the machine to wear too fast;

3. Oiler, oil-water separator is cleaned once every three months using kerosene, and the water in the oil-water separator is removed every day;

4. The gap between the friction wheel and the pad wheel is between 0.5-0.7mm. Otherwise, it should be adjusted and the accumulated debris and dirt on the friction wheel should be removed in time. ;

5, due to long-term wear and tear of parts, environmental pollution, poor lubrication, may cause failures, so it is important to find faults, timely elimination, the following inspections and maintenance, can be solved using common tools, can master the following technologies There will be no downtime due to glitch, loss of valuable time when shutting down the machine and recourse to the manufacturer.